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(posted: 22 Jan 2024)

Welcome to Econometrics. This website helps me organize the course. I hope you find it helpful.

I have posted a copy of the syllabus. Please review it and the materials listed on the metrics page. And in case you ever need them, I keep old messages on the message board page. I hope this way of organizing the course helps.

working with data

As an example of how to measure the effect of a policy change, I will often discuss my Analysis of the "Biagi Law". To explain my choice, I wrote a page about Teaching with the "Biagi Law" Data.

And to learn econometrics, you must do econometrics, so this course provides a few datasets and some null hypotheses to help you learn how to conduct an analysis of the data. And to help you more, one student produced a video of me exploring a dataset. I hope you enjoy it.


To conduct an econometric analysis, we'll use Gretl. And when we study econometric theory, we'll use wxMaxima. Please install both.

The security features of macOS quarantine wxMaxima, preventing its installation. To lift the quarantine:

xattr -d $HOME/Downloads/Maxima-5.43.0-VTK-macOS.dmg

For more details, see the wxMaxima installation instructions by Univ. of New Haven.


The textbooks that we will use are A.H. Studenmund's Using Econometrics: A Practical Guide and Peter Kennedy's A Guide to Econometrics.

To get the best deal on the Studenmund textbook, compare prices at Amazon and Alibris. And go ahead and buy a used copy. Then use your savings to buy a used copy of Kennedy's Guide. To get the best deal, compare prices at Amazon and Alibris.

let's get started

After reviewing background on statistics and probability, we'll discuss ordinary least squares. To prepare, please read Studenmund, chaps. 1, 2 and 3. And please begin studying the problem set. We'll discuss problem #4 first, then return to #1. And to assist you, I have provided my answers to #1.

I'm looking forward to working with you this semester.

- Eryk Wdowiak

course outline

references and software


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