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Using Gretl's "Append Data"

(posted: 12 Dec 2016)

produced by: David Quan

After class on Saturday, we noticed that Gretl has an "Append Data" option under the "File" menu. I wish I had been aware of it sooner. It makes adding more variables to your dataset very easy.

After downloading a data series from (in CSV format):

  • select the "Append Data" option (from the file menu),
  • navigate to folder containing the CSV file
  • if necessary, make sure that the selection window shows you all file types
  • open the CSV file

After opening the CSV file, append it to the dataset that I gave you with the "'join' (advanced)" option:

  • select the series to be imported
  • match the "inner key" to the "outer key" for each country
  • match the "inner key" to the "outer key" for each year
  • clear the "filter" field -- it should NOT say "none"
  • click "OK"

Your series should then be appended to the original data.


Beginning at the 20:30 mark, the weights should be:

wt25fe = lfwa25fe * prob25fe * ( 1 - prob25fe )

In other words, I should not have taken the square root.


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